6 Days of Exploring Bali, Beautiful Goddesses and
Bringing YOUR Book to Life in 2021

Join Bestselling Author Jill Hendrickson for 6 Magical Days in the World’s Most Exotic Location


“You have a gift to share… and a message that needs to be heard…”

Have you always wanted to write but you never seem to find the time, or the motivation, or you don’t know where to start? Do you dream of having a week dedicated to just you and your book, away from daily distractions? Would you love to be able to surround yourself with a group of soul sisters on the magical island of Bali and walk away with your book completed?

Dear Writing Goddess,

If you’re reading this, you know you have a book to bring forth. You may wonder, “Am I worthy? Can I really do it? Can I take the time? Do I have the talent? Will anyone care?”

The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Not only does your book need to emerge, but you need to get to the place where it’s safe to allow that. And when you open to your heart’s desire…to your unequivocal “Yes,” the Universe takes countless steps in your direction to make it happen.

So… if you’ve been longing to:


  • Write a book or share your story

  • Spread your wings and experience the magical and extraordinary

  • Express yourself in a way you’ve never dared

  • Liberate your artful, playful and creative goddess nature

  • Get Your Message Out

Welcome to the Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey!


Bali, the island of the gods and goddesses awaits you!

Long ago, women gathered in sacred places to access the Divine within themselves and receive guidance and inspiration.

Now IT’S YOUR TIME to receive guidance and inspiration for your book!


So many women want to express themselves through writing, but they don’t. Is that you? Maybe you don’t know how to get started, or you think it’s going to be hard. Maybe you’ve tried and gotten stuck, or you’ve been criticized and are afraid to shine your light that brightly.

Being that vulnerable and artistic can be scary. But living a half-life and not realizing your dream is much, much worse. So I’m encouraging you to go for it. Be the knockout goddess you were meant to be. Do what others don’t dare to do. Be a swashbuckling woman. It’s liberating! It’s thrilling!


I know, I know. It might feel like a stretch. Just know that a lot of fears and challenges melt away when you put yourself in a magical environment, away from it all… where you’re no longer limited by what you “think” is possible…when you’re not limited by the ordinary or the “probable.” When you free yourself to experience the wondrous by opening your mind to “possibility thinking.”


Rest assured, everything that’s ever happened to you has been preparing you for this experience. Think of it as your reward for all you’ve gone through…


If you want to experience the richness of life… If you want to hear the true guidance of your inner voice…the most important thing you can do for yourself is to unplug and unwind. Few people find it possible in the hustle bustle of their everyday existence. But in safe, voluptuous, nurturing and exotic surroundings, you can shut off the distractions and write with abandon.

It happens without stress — through opening to what’s pleasurable…and the truth that already exists inside of you… With spiritual support, the support of others, and the nourishing support of a Magical Isle…

In the Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey, you can find your voice and write your book.


Under the Divine protection of the Goddesses (and with my help,) you can let go and fly!

I’ll be there to hold your hand and guide your writing, AND you’ll have an intimate group of sisters to share the journey and cheer you on.

“Jill got us writing…and this has been a phenomenal week.”

“It was the best experience of my life.”

“Working with Jill is a Joy!”

8I can say that the healing I enjoy with every page I write has been not only soothing to my heart and soul, but has granted me so much learning, and clarity, and my creativity just flows. Every day I engage in my writing, I experience a level of freedom I had no idea existed. I know this wouldn’t have been possible if I attempted to do this on my own. Thank you for the way you looked through my stumbling words right into the heart of my story, to help me put it all in a way that feels so right. It’s been life-transforming for me. It opened up so much for me on so many levels. — Claudia Castillo Holley


You Can Expect To :

  • Write your book

  • Enrich your spiritual connection

  • Connect to the greatest power in the Universe

  • Experience stress-free creation of your content

  • Come away with a solid chunk of work — or a completed manuscript!

At the same time, you will:

  • Take a break from the ordinary

  • Experience the extraordinary

  • Unwind and decompress

  • Bask in the sacred and exotic

  • Relish 6 lucious days of self-care, creative exploration, and total “ME” time

  • Be part of a community of sisters on a journey of self-discovery and liberation

If you know you’re meant to write… Even if you’re not sure about the form, it’s important to honor your desire, because people are waiting for your words.

Yes, it’s true:

Writing is a gift of the gods and goddesses, and because of that, writers have always held a special place in society. They’re honored as artists and trail blazers with a duty to help others tap into emotional levels they can’t access on their own. It’s a sacred responsibility to write, because…

Your words — yes, YOUR words — may be the key that unlocks somebody else from their prison.


On Bali everyone is considered an artist. When a girl is born, it goes without question that she’s an artist, and everyone just waits to see what type of artist she will become — a writer, a painter, a dancer — or all three!

In the Bali Magic Writing Journey, you can set free your own internal artist and get more writing done in a week than you could in a year back home — with sacred ritual to support you.


This is my special invitation for you to come into alignment with your dreams and desires so that you can really have them.

This is life’s most courageous and rewarding path — to explore and finally live life as your truest self. To bring your gift to the world, you need to understand and experience the gift of who you really are. You probably weren’t taught how to do that. You may have even been discouraged. And that’s the problem. You don’t know your true magnificence. But you’ll start to tap into that during our time together.

Your truth is not the same as anyone else’s. You have your own way of being, and we celebrate that, because the essence of YOU is what’s most attractive. It’s the part that’s unstoppable.

What you desire in your heart can truly be yours when you know that you deserve it. But that means unplugging from all the ideas imposed on you, including the idea that life is supposed to be hard. It’s not. It’s about ease and grace. Isn’t that nice to know?

I created the Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey with this truth in mind. And you get to practice it with your writing.


Bali is the perfect place to slow down, take a breath, take a break, and step into a more easeful and expanded way of being.

What you need for this journey is already inside of you. You don’t need a fancy degree to write. You just need the desire.

Know this: Real success happens when you put yourself and your dreams first. It happens in making the space to explore. So be that free spirit who delights in her own essence, travels the globe to suit her soul, and fills her lamp to the brim so she’s overflowing!

What we’re really doing in the retreat is making space for miracles. They happen naturally when you make the time and welcome them into your life.


So become that enlivened free writer your heart longs to become.

Writers are free spirits!

  • They have a voice.

  • They have a choice.

  • They take pain and turn it into pleasure.


  • Say what others think but are afraid to say

  • Act as a voice for those who have none

  • Speak their truth, regardless of the outcome

  • Share that truth with the world

Imagine what it would be like to experience that level of freedom…

Ready, Set, Write!

In the Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey, you will learn:

  • An easy way to structure your work

  • My Freedom Writing technique that bypasses writer’s block

  • My most powerful strategy for writing in record time

I will also guide you through

  • 5 most common challenges writers face (deadline pressure, self-doubt, procrastination, lack of commitment, fear of doing it wrong.)

  • 4 powerful things you need to access within yourself (commitment, perseverance, belief in self, accountability) Bali is the perfect place to do this!

  • The 2 biggest blocks writers experience (listening to the critical voice inside, submitting to resistance.)

You have something important to say and you get to claim it — maybe for the first time. Imagine how empowering it will feel to tap into your Muse!


Sadly, many modern women have lost touch with their creative force, their deepest voice, their Divine origins and their true source of power. This disconnection can show up as feelings of unworthiness, abandonment, not being good enough, or even illness — all of which can stand in the way of your full flowering into the writer, thought leader, and messenger you really are.

Which stops you from being the gift to the world you are meant to be.

I went through this myself, so I know how painful it can be. And that’s why I’m so passionate about guiding women like you through the process of reconnecting to your Divine Creative Spark and empowering you through the written word. Writing is an incredible and largely overlooked healing modality. You don’t have to be a professional writer to experience its benefits. If you know the alphabet, that’s enough. You’ll do just fine.

I chose Bali so that you could have a life-transforming experience Unavailable Anywhere Else!

Bali, where spirituality is woven into daily life, is the perfect place to let go of perceived limitations. You have something unique and beautiful to share…and it can best come forth when you’re away from symbols and associations of your old life and your habitual way of doing things… in a completely new and beautiful world… a curvy, lush, feminine, mystical place blessed by Mother Nature herself.


In the nurturing environment of the Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey, you can let go of fears and settle into the moment — into the Divine, where everything is fine.

Tap into the limitless peace and joy that exist at the center of your being. Let this be your landing spot within — your Goddess nature — in heavenly surroundings!

This special retreat is specially designed for women like you who want to:

  • Write your book quickly and easily

  • Get away from it all

  • Experience a deeper connection to your Muse

  • Recapture your zest for living

  • Have the guidance of a writing master in an inspiring setting that serves your writing interest

In the Sacred and Enchanted Atmosphere of the Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey, you will have the experience of welcoming back your own Divine essence…

When you encounter the Goddess within yourself, you will find new levels of:

  • Wonder

  • Inspiration

  • Creative fire

And you’ll develop:

  • A more loving self image

  • Plus new levels of fearlessness, freedom, and fun


So Grab your Magic Pen!

You see, writing is a doorway, and so much more…

And having the confidence to write has the power to change and up level YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

It will awaken a whole new level of self respect that allows you to know that you can do anything — without apology and without anyone else’s approval.

Because you approve of yourself.

Imagine what THAT feels like.

So I’ve Started a Magic Writing Revolution!

And you’re at the forefront. My mission is to empower women worldwide to turn their mess into their success — and their message. You don’t have to write about your “mess,” but it can be really powerful to turn a tragedy into your trajectory to a life beyond your wildest dreams. And it starts with your own story — even if you’re writing a business book. Because your story is what makes you relatable to others…

Because what’s personal is most universal. By sharing your story, you’re going to allow a lot of other women to find the guts to start sharing theirs.

Listen to what other women who have worked with me are saying:

“It has been phenomenal!”

“The entire process was amazing.”

17Writing my own book has been in the back of my mind for years but I never imagined I had enough information… Jill made the process so easy. Incredibly, enough words flowed out of me to create an entire book… The structure was very helpful and the entire process was amazing.
Lisa Meisels, www.lisameisels.com

“Bringing together the pieces of my story has never been so easy and fun.”

17Thank you! Jill, such a blessing to have your support today! Bringing together all the pieces of my story has never been so easy and fun. And the structure and ideas you provided are just invaluable. —

Carlota Del Pozo, https://carlotadelpozo.com


“More powerful women need you!”

19Jill zones in with such humor and grace! I felt so comfortable sharing parts of my story with her than with most coaches…It simply felt so natural. …She truly listened to how I desired to express myself in this world and share my gifts with my target market. Thank you, Jill, for deciding to share your gifts in the world. More powerful women need you! — Dr. Stacy Mobley

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Meet Your Writing Muse and Mentor, Jill!

Let me tell you a little about my background and what drew me to Bali…


I’m Jill Hendrickson, your mentor on the Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey. I’m a former international journalist and the author of Victim to Victory and the bestselling book, Supercharge Your Success: 14 Big Impact Thought Leaders Share Their Secrets to Health, Wealth, Happiness and Achieving Dreams.

Based on my own traumatic Heroine’s Journey and my encounter with a real live fairy godmother in the form of an enlightened master from the East who introduced me to the Goddesses, I now remind women of their spiritual origins and their Divine Creative Power, and…

I assist them on a journey of self-nourishment so that they can empower themselves and others.

I do it through writing and travel to exotic places.

Because when women write their stories and share their truth, it heals their hearts AND they have the power to uplift and inspire others.

Early in my career I was a travel writer. My father was a geographer, so I’ve traveled all my life, beginning in my mother’s womb. We drove across the United States as a family when I was a youngster, then lived in England when I was 10 and at the end of that year, drove across Continental Europe for the summer. I later studied in Salzburg, Austria, lived in Asia for 10 years, and finally fulfilled a life-long dream of studying Italian in Italy when I was 40. I love the way that travel opens up your eyes and expands your mind, including your belief in yourself and the world of possibilities, which is endless. Sometimes you forget about that when you go through a trauma, so it’s good to be reminded.

I chose Bali for our Magic Writing Journey so that you could have a life-changing spiritual experience unavailable anywhere else. Bali is one of my “power places,” partly because spirituality permeates every aspect of life. I’m sure you know how much environment affects us as women, and this is a land of fresh fruits, lush scenery, exquisite and exotic sights, and tons of local color.

Now for my writing credentials: I hold an advanced degree in writing from Columbia University, teach writing at the university level, and have conducted writing workshops for around 17 years. I’m the founder of The “Instant Author Intensive: Write YOUR Book in Just One Weekend,” and I’ve worked closely with luminaries such as New York Times bestselling author Barbara De Angelis and James Malinchak, featured on ABC TV’s hit show Secret Millionaire.


I wrote for the Associated Press, worked for the world’s largest newspaper company, and have been published in the Asian Wall Street Journal. I was the first woman to sit on the copy desk of The Japan Times newspaper and also worked in radio and TV. Yet, it took me nearly twenty years to launch my first book!


But here’s the good news: I took the long road so you don’t have to. I know all the pitfalls, because I fell into all the pits!

For example, I was a high-functioning foreign correspondent when I met and married the man of my dreams — only he turned out to be the man of my nightmares. Yes, I’m a survivor of domestic violence and was nearly silenced, both as a woman and a writer.

After a grueling 7-year divorce (which I won), I made a vow to not only write my own books and live the life of my dreams but to help other women who have been through something horrendous, or who have on some level been told they have nothing worthwhile to say… get their voices back and be heard through the power of the written word.

And that’s why I created The Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey.

My passion is helping women overcome their fears and doubts, explore their writing, and get their book out in the fastest, easiest, most loving, nurturing and natural way possible.

You don’t have to be a writer to do this. For some women it means dictating their words into their phone in the comfort of a cushy cabana. (I know of someone who has created 18 books by “speaking” them into a recorder.)

In addition to my extensive writing training, I hold certificates in natural healing from the Academy of Natural Healing in New York and the School for Enlightenment and Healing in San Diego.

Now is YOUR time to write, and Bali is the place for your healing transformation. In this rich and lush environment, with the support of nature and the goddesses, you get to claim your writing throne!


It’s going to be incredibly spacious and nourishing, because that’s what you need — time to unplug from the busy-ness and go inside to the temple of your heart.

This is especially important if you’ve been through something difficult. Writing is a way to process the pain and transmute it into power…and pleasure –which is what great artists do. In fact, turning pain into power and pleasure is what great art is all about. Moreover, it allows you to reach others, commune with them, take them on an internal adventure, enlighten them, encourage them, and help them heal their pain as well. And doing that can make you truly prosperous.

I will go so far as to say that your greatest pain becomes your greatest gift when you can extract the lesson, turn your mess into your message, and make it the trajectory into a new and better life.

Clues You Might Be Perfect for the Magic Writing Journey

  • You feel a stirring in your heart that calls you to write

  • Something deep inside longs to be expressed

  • You’re ready for a change and are willing to step up

  • You feel somehow “different” and would like to belong to a tribe of soul sisters who “get” you

Maybe a part of you secretly believes:

  • “Others are better than me.”

  • “I’m a fraud.”

  • “People will laugh.”

  • “Someone’s already done this and has probably done it better.”

  • “Who am I to be an writer?”

  • “Will anyone listen?”

  • “Does anyone care?”

Welcome to the Club.

We all experience these doubts, but we can’t let them stop us or we do ourselves and others a tremendous disservice. Let me share with you what one of my own teachers said that shocked me out of my smallness and made me realize my duty to take up my pen, despite my hesitation. He said, “People are dying because of you.”

Can you believe it? That struck me in the heart. Maybe you can feel it, too. What he was really saying was, “You have a gift and it’s your responsibility to share it. People need to hear your words. So get off your Assets and do your duty.”

I took it seriously and did what he said, but here’s the thing: I can’t reach everyone. Not everyone is meant to respond to my message. But there are people there who are meant to respond to yours. So my role is to pass on the torch. To light your lamp so you can light the lamp of others. That’s how we make this world a better paradise…One woman at a time.

Now I’m not saying you have to step right into it. You need the self-care, self-nurturing and guidance to get to the place where you feel strong enough inside to fulfill your sacred duty. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and sometimes that means baby steps. And that’s another reason why I created the Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey. It’s a safe place to explore this — with the help of your Divine Benefactors.

So now…

Meet the Goddesses!


© Avenikolas | Dreamstime.comBalinese Legong Dancers Photo

Divine Patronesses of Beauty, Wisdom, and Power!

Let me introduce you to the Triple Crown of Power Goddesses whose energies can transform your life while assisting with your writing process.

When you get to Bali, where the sacred permeates everything, you’ll realize that these goddesses are not exclusive to Hinduism and that you don’t have to be a practicing yogini for the goddess magic to work. They are powerful living energies that simply are. And the more you allow yourself to become aligned with them, the more they can help you to soar.

Durga, the Magnificent Goddess of Strength and Power. Often seen riding a tiger, this gorgeous, many-armed warrior goddess is your divine protectress as well as the destroyer of evil and the remover of all miseries, including your inner and outer enemies. With Fierce Feminine Love, she teaches the power of perseverance, owning your space, and standing your ground. It’s nice to have her on your side!

Lakshmi, the Shining Goddess of Wealth. If prosperity and being able to afford the things you desire is an issue, you need to learn the lessons of Lakshmi. Above all, Lakshmi teaches you to love yourself, to appreciate the Beauty and Abundance that is everywhere, to align with Nature’s natural lavishness, and engage in exquisite self-care because you’re worth it. She gives you permission to know your value and receive every type of wealth and goodness. Adornment and opulence are her specialties, as well as ease and grace — and pleasure and fun!

Saraswati, the beautiful Goddess of Knowledge, Wisdom and the Arts. Saraswati is your Muse and will help you find your Writing Voice and Power. She assists in moving the words from your head to the page in an effortless way, sometimes with the aid of music. She helps you order your world through the power of words, because the words you choose literally create your world — including the words you use to speak with yourself. Allowing yourself to express and write may be one of the kindest, richest, most fulfilling things you ever do.

Release, Renew, Recover, Reward

Writing is a complex, sometimes messy process, AND it allows you to be wild and free, like the goddesses. Saraswati is our “Patron Goddess” throughout our retreat because of her connection to wisdom and the arts. (There’s a statue of her in every school in Bali.) She’ll help you channel the force of creativity, allowing it to come down from Consciousness, through your body, down your arms, out your hands, through your fingers, out your pen and onto paper. If you let her have her way and trust the process, her power is enormous.

So, Who’s is the Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey For?

I’m glad you asked.

This journey is especially beneficial if you’re going through a change and want to experience something transformational to launch you into the next chapter of your life. It’s invaluable as a tool for healing. It’s also extremely powerful if you want to be seen as a leading authority on your topic of expertise. And it’s for you if you know you have a message to share (even if you’re not clear on what that is right now.) And, if your goal is to be an author, in addition to the personal satisfaction and the confidence that writing a book confers, a book can also give you:

  • credibility

  • celebrity status

  • a unique marketing tool

  • the basis for your own coaching program

  • a way to showcase your work

To sum it up, on this journey you will also:

  • Stretch your comfort zone in a safe environment

  • Let go and let Goddess in an exotic, feminine, lush location

  • Increase your self-worth and self-appreciation

  • Let in new levels of love and abundance

  • Experience yourself as beautiful, artistic, and valuable

  • Develop courage and make powerful new friendships

  • Have an amazing adventure

  • Increase feelings of self-trust

  • Release negativities that have held you back

  • Experience transformation and empowerment

  • Find your gift and write your book!

There is no cumbersome “to-do” list. You just get to write and enjoy the thrill of living — and re-awakening to who you really are. There’s nothing more satisfying than that. If you’ve been living in a state of stagnation, Bali will turn your creative switch back on.

Think how proud of yourself you’ll be when you return back home with a solid piece of writing, proving to yourself and everyone else that you can accomplish anything!

I know it can feel scary sitting on the cusp of something this big…Most people aren’t willing to even consider it. But you’re not like most people or you wouldn’t have read this far. Here’s the secret: When you go for what you want…when you say “Yes!” to your desires, close your eyes, step into the unknown and take that leap of faith… a Magic Carpet of opportunity rolls out to greet you.

You just need to be brave enough to step onto it! And you can be that brave, because…

Courage, Wisdom and Beauty await you… They are your destiny!



What Will Be Different When You Return From the Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey?

My belief is that you’ll not only come away with a solid piece of writing — you’ll also come away with a new, up leveled and more appreciative view of yourself, your capabilities, and your relationship with life. Mother Earth — Abundance personified — will invite you to receive her beauty and be divinely lavished.

The writing you do will bring you into closer contact with your own true Self and will deepen your connection with others if you share it. The sharing is optional but most women find it to be one of the most valuable aspects of the retreat. Whether you share your own work or simply enjoy the work of others, you can expect to create close connections with the other women in this program.

Truth be told, writing itself can be your valued friend. It’s a comfort and a powerful a tool for self-awareness. The mere act of putting your thoughts on paper is uplifting and validating.


The Most Exotic Place I’ve Ever Visited

Bali is the most exotic place I’ve ever visited, bar none. Magic happens here.

The town of Ubud, where our retreat takes place, is Bali’s SPIRITUAL and ARTISTIC epicenter, so it’s perfect for our writing retreat.


This remote paradise is not only stunningly beautiful, it is the perfect place to have your own Goddess awakening.

Some of What You’ll Experience:

  • Triple Goddess Introductions

  • Goddess Temple Visit

  • Guided Writing, feedback, and “play shop”

  • Collective Wisdom and Sharing

  • Authentic Balinese culture

    • Balinese Dance

    • Gamelan Music

    • Massage

    • Healing

    • Shopping!

    • Gorgeous scenery, delicious food, and so much more…

    • Plus personal coaching by a writing master

I know that the idea of taking off for the other side of the world may seem daunting, but it can be the thrill of a lifetime. I lived in Asia for 10 years and I want women to experience this gorgeous part of the planet.

I will personally introduce you to:

  • A magical locale

  • A one-of-a-kind experience you’ll never forget

  • Something that will stay in your heart forever

  • A place you’ll want to return to again some day!

  • A peak experience

Women who come here often talk about their lives in terms of “before” and “after” Bali.

It’s that powerful!

You will feel welcomed and safe in the presence of the goddesses, in one of the most lush and nurturing locations in the world.

With women just like you!

It’s a wonderful gift to give yourself.

This is an exclusive retreat for 6 women, tops. To be one of them, apply to be considered by pressing the button below right now.


And I’ve Got a Special Gift for You When You’re Accepted…

I want you to get the most out of your time in the retreat, so as soon as you join the program, I’ll be giving you access to a special page to help you prepare yourself to write when you land in Bali.

You’ll also special report on narrowing down the topic of your book to best express your writing gift and serve your people

  • Get a jump start on your book by coming up with a juicy title and subtitle.

  • Create your prototype

  • Start imagining your cover design

  • Write the dedication and back cover copy

  • Get going on your writing!


    • You’ll receive a special training to get you crystal clear on your book idea and book promise. (You must get this right to fill up your high-end coaching programs and get booked onstage.) This training also covers how to come up with a rocking book title and subtitle and how to create a book cover that pops. Without these things you could have the best content on the planet but no one will care, and your book won’t fly off the shelves.(Value $1,000)

    • You’ll receive a copy of my book, “Victim to Victory,” to familiarize yourself with the format of the type of book you will be writing.

    • Exclusive one-on-one coaching session with me to solidify your writing desires and what you truly want to accomplish during our time together on Bali. – The clearer you are on the details of your writing project, the more you will get done and the easier it will be. ($497 value!)

    • And something I’ve never offered before: I’m going to pull back the curtain on insider techniques for selling your book that could easily pay for the entire retreat if you implement them properly!(Value: $5,000 and up — Lifetime Value: Priceless!)

PLUS: Relax –Your Room is on Me!

Bali is a long ways away for many people, and I want to make sure you feel safe and taken care of when you get here.


So, your room and breakfast are provided at our retreat location. Plus you will be my guest at our welcome dinner and farewell celebration, as well as any impromptu meals I might arrange for us.

But I Can Only Take 6 Special Women on This Magical Adventure!

This Bali Triple Goddess Magic Writing Journey is different than any other retreat. Because of the deep nature of the work we will be doing together and the level of feedback I want to provide, I need to limit the number of participants to 6 women only.

When I keep the number of participants small, it means that I can zero in and give personal attention to everyone, AND you will have a chance to get to know other participants well, which is priceless.

You will not be the same person when you return home. You will feel inspired, more connected and accomplished, AND you’ll come away with a solid piece of writing, putting you well on your way to becoming the modern-day messenger you are meant to be.

“My Gratitude to Jill is Beyond Words.”

30Jill was my angel when I was in a time of need…Through her coaching, I was able to become a person who could handle challenges in a powerful way, insuring the outcome to be victorious. My gratitude to Jill is beyond words. Through her knowledge and encouragement, my mind was opened to a completely new and higher level of existence, which has allowed me to gracefully conquer all that stands in my way. With each new day, I realize that I am becoming that Free Spirited Woman, which I believe is my purpose in this life.


This retreat is by Invitation ONLY and there is an INTERVIEW to make absolutely sure it is a fit for both of us.

The need for this is to maintain the quality of the retreat, AND, whatever you do, do NOT let your inner critic or saboteur rob you of this Adventure of a Lifetime by persuading you not to apply.

If you’re feeling the pull to come, it’s probably the best thing for you, and you have no idea the blessings it will shower on you!

Just click the pink button below to apply.


Oh, and By the Way

I’m a very compassionate person — AND I’m going to push you to write so that you can experience the miracle!

Because 90 percent of the people who say they want to write either never start or never finish.

If that scares you, you might not be ready for this program.

Expressing yourself through writing is one of the most gratifying and transformational things you can do, so don’t be intimidated.

And don’t worry — there will be plenty of down time to enjoy Bali!


Your Magic Writing Muse and Mentor,

Jill Hendrickson

We act only in the capacity as an agent for the passengers in all matters connected with lodging accommodations, sight-seeing tours and land transportation in Bali, and shall not be responsible or liable for any injury, loss, theft, accident, health impairment, delay, irregularity or incident resulting from things such as strikes, weather, fuel outages, government regulations or Acts of God. Nor shall we be responsible for any act or omission of any individual or organization providing the transportation, services or accommodations in connection with this journey, nor any delay or expense incurred due to disruption or revision of schedules, not for any cause beyond its control. We are not responsible for any physical, emotional reaction or trauma or ailment, during the tour or occurring after the tour.