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The Way You Do Writing is the Way You Do Life

The way you do writing is the way you do life.

It’s an interesting concept and worth exploring, particularly if you nourish a secret desire to write but never really get around to it.

What’s your writing style? What’s your hiding style?

Whether you write or not, it all comes down to choices.

Do you make […]

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Does Anyone Still Write Letters?

I came across this photograph recently, and it brought back so many memories of travels and adventures.

I first began using aerograms and airmail letters when I was nine and my family moved to England. The only way to stay in touch with my grandparents and to find out about our dog and cat, […]

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Could You Be a Published Author, Also?

It was so thrilling to have one of the co-authors from my book “Supercharge Your Success,” Claudia Castillo Holley, and her lovely daughter, Sabrina, drop by my writing class at California State University, Fresno, on their mother-daughter travels across California, Arizona, and Oregon.

I surprised the students by telling them that we were going to […]

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Writing is a Miracle

Writing is a miracle, a thought in frozen form. That’s why in so many cultures throughout history it has been considered a gift of the gods.

Can you imagine a life without reading or writing? How do you think people communicated before writing was introduced? How did they communicate with neighboring villages or across extensive […]

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Travel Will Renew Your Spirit

Travel is so important for refreshing your spirit. It’s amazing what even getting out of town for the day can do to change your perspective and give you a new lease on life.

I don’t know about you, but even though I know how important a change of scenery is for me, I sometimes get […]

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Have You Abandoned Your Gifts and Dreams?

Have you put your gifts and dreams on the back burner? When were you planning to return to them?

Yesterday I posted about abandonment issues. Yes, I have some, stemming from childhood medical trauma.

Many people have abandonment as a core wound without even knowing it. But even if you don’t think you have an issue […]

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My Abandonment Issues

If we looked into a crystal ball, what would your future bring?

Possibly more of same, unless you do something radical. Because we tend to get caught in our unconscious patterns.

To be totally transparent, I’ll share with you how one of mine is related to abandonment. When I was very young I had a […]

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What If You Possessed the Key to Life?

At some point, every intelligent person comes to a crossroads in life and starts to ask these questions:
“Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going, and what am I supposed to do?”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know the answers? Well, lean close and listen to this ancient story:

Long […]

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Was a Divorce the Right Decision?

A high number of marriages end in divorce, but what you don’t often hear is how many people wish they hadn’t ended their marriages.

Many people underestimate how hard divorce really is, even if you are the one who wants out.

According to a recent article in The Guardian, a survey by the law […]

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Newly Divorced? Travel to Finland!

Travel ranks high on my list of things to do to recover from divorce.

It’s fun and it gets you out of your normal environment — in other words, your rut.

So when I saw this winter resort in Lapland, Finland, near the Arctic Circle, I had to share it because of its uniqueness. Who says […]

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