Some of my best writing work gets done while I’m on the road – literally.

Of course, I’m not actually writing, but taking a break from the computer and giving my mind a break can be really inspiring!

Today I was on the road, driving from the Central Valley to Los Angeles. Some people might find time in the car to be a waste, but for me it’s therapeutic. I am constantly in awe and appreciation of the beauty of California, from its flat farmland dotted with eucalyptus trees, to its rugged mountains and blue Pacific Ocean.

Being away from the phone and the computer was such a blessing. Without other distractions, I was able to think about and start planning out some of my new programs, including my upcoming Bali writing retreat for women.

And I’m going to get some help with that from my dear friend and mentor Morgana Rae tomorrow. I visited her in September to work on preliminaries and I imagine we will refine things over the next couple of days.

Did I mention that I got to listen to some new music in the car, which got my creative juices flowing?

Travel is so broadening and rejuvenating – even if it’s only a hop, skip and a jump away from home!