I recently had the pleasure of meeting Gillian Larson of “Survivor” fame when I attended a Celebrate CareGivers Day hosted by my friend Jim Chong.

Gillian had a really interesting story to tell about how she got on the show. Apparently the first time she saw it she thought it looked silly. Then she became obsessed with the idea of getting on the show even though she wasn’t sure why it was so important to her.

Sometimes she thought herself crazy. And she did some really crazy things to get noticed by the “Survivor” scouts, like swimming with sharks and wearing an outlandish T-shirt everywhere she went.

But it paid off, and after 15 formal tries over a period of eight years, she finally won a part on the show. Only later did it become apparent to her that she’d been adamant about landing that part so that she could eventually lead and inspire others. That was her journey.

What’s yours?

Every woman has a Heroine’s Journey. Finding and writing about yours is a healing experience that helps you tap into your power and discover your unique leadership ability.

I have a few seats left in my very intimate 6-week “Heroine’s Journey Writing Program,” where we take a challenging experience from your life and turn it into a heroic narrative with you at the center.

This program is an adventure. The “homework” (or “home-play” as I like to call it) is to watch several hand-picked classic movies with a powerful Heroine’s Journey theme.

If you’re ready to find the gold in a difficult life event, give it a voice, and get it out on paper so it stops swirling around inside of you, register here right now, because the program starts Nov. 24.

You can also email my office with any questions at info@jillhendrickson.com

You don’t have to be a great writer to participate in the program!