It was so thrilling to have one of the co-authors from my book “Supercharge Your Success,” Claudia Castillo Holley, and her lovely daughter, Sabrina, drop by my writing class at California State University, Fresno, on their mother-daughter travels across California, Arizona, and Oregon.

I surprised the students by telling them that we were going to hold a press conference with an author, and they were all going to be journalists and needed to come up with questions for our visitor based on their own challenges in becoming writers and having to write for an audience. Just as in a real press conference, they had to state their name and their news affiliation when they posed their questions.

Claudia spoke about the fears and concerns that came up for her when she was chosen as a co-author, had to write a chapter, meet a deadline, and share her words for all the world to see when “Supercharge Your Success” hit bestseller status.

She faced many of the same challenges my students go through, including wondering whether her writing was good enough, whether she could convey what she wanted to convey, and whether or not readers would even care.

Have you ever felt like that?

But she also shared about how powerful, healing, and transformative the writing process was for her and how it helped her gain clarity about her life and the direction she was going. Since participating in “Supercharge Your Success” and taking both my “Heroine’s Journey” and “Expressive Writing” courses, Claudia decided to set out on a mother-daughter road trip of self discovery with her daughter, Sabrina. They’re taking good notes and are also planning to write a book together. How cool is that?

When I met Claudia about a year ago, she had no idea that we’d be working together on a book that would become a bestseller, and it’s changed her life. How did it happen? She just trusted her intuition, followed her passion, took an opportunity, and put one foot in front of the other.

If you have a secret desire to be a writer – or anything else in life — you can do it, too!

And if you have any questions about that, put them in the comments below!