Jill_Hendrickison_Winter_WonderlandDid you know that while divorce has leveled off or decreased among most age brackets, it’s on the upswing among older couples and seniors? According to an article in the Deseret News, Bowling Green State University researchers saw as many couples over 50 splitting up in 2014, compared to 1990.

One of the reasons is attributed to longer lifespans. Another is that people now hold marriage to a higher standard. It’s not enough to have a breadwinner and a homemaker. People want enjoyment, companionship and emotional satisfaction from their relationships.

Is this a good thing, or a bad thing? It depends on how you look at it, and it depends on where you are. I know that when I faced a divorce in my thirties, I was devastated. I was also really scared. And while it was really difficult and I’m not advocating divorce, I can say on the other side of it, it can benefit you in the end.

There’s nothing worse than being married to the wrong person — to someone who isn’t loving or kind or interested in your wellbeing.

If you’re in any kind of relationship where someone’s putting you down, compromising your self-esteem, restricting your growth, or trying to put a lid on your freedom, you can’t imagine how liberating it is to become your own person again, to become creative and expansive, and to explore the depths of your own being without risking criticism and conflict.

It can be terrifying to be forced out on your own after having created a home base with someone you thought you loved and who you thought loved you. But if it’s not the right someone, that home can become a prison.

Getting out of that situation is a transformational healing journey.

After extracting myself from an abusive marriage, I’ve come to really relish and value my freedom. And if you’re facing a divorce or are coming out of one, I want you to experience that, too. Because it’s in that space of freedom and self-knowledge that you truly find yourself. And when you do that, you increase the chances of finding the kind of person who is the best companion for you.

You can read the Deseret news article here: http://national.deseretnews.com/article/6629/Divorce-is-dropping-in-most-age-groups-but-not-this-one.html#bjO1HOOK02sQ0Vsu.99

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