Whatever the question, love is the answer.

Have you ever been faced with some big problem or you had to make a big decision, and you didn’t know how to make it?

Sometimes things are a lot simpler than we think. Thinking is the problem!

Here’s how to make your decision: What would be the loving thing to do? What does your heart tell you?

Things get complicated when we make decisions with our head. Thinking is a highly overrated activity. It often takes you in circles when you actually know in your gut what to do.

In India, when the hands are placed together in front of the heart and the head is bowed, it’s an indication that the head needs to bow to the heart. It’s an indication that love should rule.

Not syrupy romantic love or passionate lust, but something much greater. The kind of love we’re talking about is the power behind everything. It’s the power that makes the flowers bloom in the springtime and the stars spin in the galaxy.

It’s the only power. Anything else is love in a confused state.

So, what’s the question?