Travel ranks high on my list of things to do to recover from divorce.

It’s fun and it gets you out of your normal environment — in other words, your rut.

So when I saw this winter resort in Lapland, Finland, near the Arctic Circle, I had to share it because of its uniqueness. Who says winter has to be dull and dark, even if it’s cold?

How’s this for something out of the ordinary? Might I interest you in staying in a glass igloo so that you can ooh and ahhh over the northern lights? (Don’t worry, they keep it cozy.) If you prefer something more traditional, you can rent the Queen Suite in a rustic log cabin, or an Earth Lodge beneath the ground. (Built by trolls, perhaps?)

Then for a daytime adventure, what could be more fun than a reindeer safari? Unless you’d prefer a more traditional sled ride through the wilderness behind a team of huskies. And for something totally new and different, how about a safari in an enclosed snow tank that can take you through winter terrain in complete toasty comfort?

Anyone up for the icebreaker cruise? You’d be the first on your block to experience that one.

I’m saving the best for last. You can stay in the most sacred place in the Northern Hemisphere. That’s right — Santa’s house. He’ll even let you use his bedroom. Perfect for children of all ages.

These experiences and more are available through April.