Divorce sucks. But statistics show that many woman (more than men) have a happier life after divorce, and when all is said and done, many prefer NOT to remarry.

Why? Because life is more tranquil, you don’t have to answer to anyone, and freedom tastes priceless compared to living with an oppressive spouse. You no longer have to deal with an unhappy person who blames you for their problems. You get to be your own master, answering to no one but yourself.

The gifts of divorce are not discussed as much as the pains, partly because they take time to reveal themselves. But reveal themselves they do.

When your marriage dissolves it may be tempting to fantasize about being rescued by a wonderful new relationship. But if you stay single long enough, you may come to cherish your autonomy.

And an interesting thing happens as people get older. Men start to settle down. You know the joke — those who used to play the field now want a purse or a nurse. But it’s the opposite for women. After years of taking care of others (including taking their flak), they’re ready to hit the open road and soar. Many want to experience more, including deepening their personal development and spiritual connection.

Women in their fifties are often just hitting their prime. Many are ready to take on new, heart-centered careers. Or they want to travel. Women in their prime are an adventurous lot.

Do you really want to go through the hassle of dealing with yet another person’s baggage? Trying to merge your personalities, tastes, habits and sense of décor? Do you want to have to deal with someone’s incessant demands?

Maybe you don’t have to. Because now that you’re single, you’ve got options!

If you think you can’t be happy unless you find Prince Charming, here’s a really interesting article about why many women are choosing not to re-marry. It may make you smile, and it may make you think!