Jill Background

Before I went through a divorce, I didn’t spend any time in women’s groups and had no clue about the power of a sisterhood.

Maybe I was afraid of women. Maybe I felt competitive around them. Maybe I was immature and wanted mostly the attention of guy friends. I don’t know what the reason was, but I didn’t have a clue what I was missing out on.
And in all fairness to myself, maybe the kinds of women’s groups that I now belong to didn’t even exist back then.

After I went through a divorce in New York and moved back to California, my dream was to write books. After I wrote my first one that was published, “Weight Loss, Italian Style,” I had to learn about marketing. (Too bad I didn’t learn that before the book came out, but that’s another story.)

And so I started going to marketing seminars and conferences. And what I found was that there were a lot of women creating their own businesses. Amazing women. A lot of them were divorced, and a lot of them were involved in the healing arts, like me.

Many were super powerful and impressive — plus smart, warm, and welcoming on top of it. I’d found an amazing tribe!

I don’t think the average person is aware of the groundswell of savvy, powerful, heart-centered women that is developing across America. And I am particularly grateful that they have such a presence in my home state of California.

I just got back from two days spent amongst a group of amazing women at The Bright Side of Everything event put together in Pleasanton by Sahar Nafal, a powerhouse divorced woman whose passion is building community. The Bright Side of Everything is open to anyone, and there were more than a hundred people in the room, but I could count the men on one hand.

Let’s face it — men don’t know how to come together in supportive groups the way women do. As these groups grow, they are going to be a force to contend with. The establishment is going to have to pay attention, because these women are on purpose, they think and live holistically, they’re not afraid of telling the truth, and they aren’t satisfied with the status quo in this country.

And, unlike the average power broker, they are a joy to be around. They are fountains of knowledge and a tremendous resource for women stepping into their own power. It’s partly by putting myself in such groups and continuing to step up that I was able to recover from my divorce, put a book together — including my latest one, “Supercharge Your Success,” starring 14 amazing entrepreneurial women — and start a coaching practice based on my passion — helping women heal from divorce and become the amazing gifts to the world they were born to be, using writing as a tool for healing.

And aren’t we lucky to be living in a time when community doesn’t have to be in person? We have the luxury of also forming friendships and supporting one another online. And that’s why I’ve started a special facebook group for women healing from divorce. On it I will be posting tips and insights and answering questions.

It’s just starting out, so it’s small, but I invite you to join and feel free to ask questions and receive support. Here’s the link to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/healingfromdivorce/