You know how sometimes you just get called to work with certain people and you’re not sure why?

My “why” got answered last week while attending a Destination Retreats Blueprint event with Morgana Rae.

First, any time spent with Morgana is time well spent. She is brilliant, generous, and down to Earth. And she attracts the most amazing people, like Brian Ridgeway and Jen Poulson (all of us pictured above.)

We met at Morgana’s house, and her wonderful, talented husband, Devin, cooked us breakfast and entertained us with stories of his inner world and outer travels.

Morgana’s coaching on our businesses and our upcoming destination retreats was priceless.

I have a clearer idea of how to talk to my market and attract my ideal clients – women who have been through hell and want to make the journey worth it by sharing their stories in bestselling books.

And I’m going to pull it all together at a Heal, Write, Speak Goddess Journey in Bali next year!