Royal.Tea.Cambria.2014 - Copy

One of the greatest lessons we can learn from going through a divorce is to start treating ourselves like royalty.

You, yes you, deserve to be the queen of your life — the reigning empress!

If you’ve been through a marriage that didn’t work out, one thing is for sure: either you weren’t treated well, you didn’t treat yourself well, or both.

It’s not like we’re brought up to think well of ourselves. Often our earliest experiences teach us that we’re bad, we’re undeserving, and we should be grateful for the corner of the crumbs.

So use the time after divorce to start unlearning everything you learned up until the time of the unraveling of your marriage. Start doing things differently. You deserve the best. You are the star of your own show, so start living it.

Treat yourself like royalty, like I’m doing in this picture. I’m having my “Royal Tea!”