At some point, every intelligent person comes to a crossroads in life and starts to ask these questions:
“Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going, and what am I supposed to do?”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know the answers? Well, lean close and listen to this ancient story:

Long ago and far away, The Creator decided to create the universe, including all the planets and all the stars, and the Earth, with its beautiful forests, oceans, deserts, plants and animals.

He thought it was such a great place that out of love, he created us humans and set us free to enjoy its wonders. But we took one look around and decided we didn’t like it that much and we’d rather just go back to Heaven. Our creator was shocked, and to tell the truth, a little disappointed. He was convinced that if we only hung around long enough, we’d grow to appreciate the world he’d created for us.

He thought, “What can I do to keep these humans out of Heaven so that they stay on Earth and explore the wonders I’ve created for them?”

He thought, “They’re so smart that if I made a key to life and hid it, they’d surely find it. If I put it at the top of Mount Everest, someone would find a way to scale it. But if I put it at the bottom of the ocean, they’d develop some kind of aqualung or submarine to get to it. Where could I hide it?”

He thought about it a little longer, and, being brilliant came up with a plan.

“I know — “I’ll hide the key to life in the last place they will ever look for it — inside their own hearts.”

And guess what? The plan worked!

We humans wear ourselves out looking for new experiences, furthering our education, creating and destroying relationships and civilizations, following spiritual paths and seeking the answers from those we consider above us.

The last place we bother to look for the answers we seek is inside ourselves. We hold the key!

Are you ready to find it? It’s life’s greatest adventure!